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Learn more about getting one on one HELP with Achieving Clarity and Sanity through a methodical approach to organization and function called



Organization Services to Help You Live Better

At DESIGN IN REAL LIFE, our clients often ask us to help them organize their possessions -- design better closets, plan the details of kitchen cabinetry or an office, and provide storage furniture for books, hobbies, and collections. The categorization of possessions and an assessment of functional activity are at the heart of the initial work for any design project, but the actual process of helping a client evaluate and work through the clutter of clothing, paper, books, electronics etc. has not been part of our services until now. The team at DESIGN IN REAL LIFE has expanded to include this.  


Our approach, ROOM TO BREATHE, comes from 25 years of hands-on design experience and provides one on one organizational services and customized work plans.  We evaluate the existing storage areas and their fittings in light of your own particular possessions and activities and help you create an organized and harmonious environment. Doing so will give  you the opportunity to enjoy your living and working experiences more fully.

What Do You Really Need?

How does Room To Breathe organize?

Imposing order is the LEAST successful way of creating less mess. Long lasting order is a more organic process. It is the result of knowing what you own and value, finding an identifiable home for it (think of storage as an address), and storing it in the most efficient and functional way possible. DESIGN IN REAL LIFE will work with you. It requires your participation. We'll provide a framework for helping you to evaluate what is important to you and how to best store it. Then we will expedite the process. 

What is different about Room To Breathe?

In addition to employing well-known organizational principles, as designers we intimately understand traffic flow and work processes and we use that experience to provide the best advice on how and where to store possessions. Our methodology is comprehensive and so are our services. We will guide you through a decluttering adventure and can provide vetted storage products-- boxes, containers, drawers, shelving -- through retail and custom vendors. We also can refer and supervise clean-up and installation services. We are naturals at project management.

How long will it take?

As you can imagine, it's not an overnight job. But if you have a sincere desire to reduce the volume and array of clutter, we'll help break it down into manageable units where you will see signification progress in one to three weeks.

What do you think about KonMari Approach?

We love Marie Kondo, Japan's tidying-up sensation! ROOM TO BREATHE uses many similar approaches. For instance, we don't buy into the axiom that if you haven't worn a piece of clothing in a year, then you should toss it. What about the silk chiffon dress you bought last year but is still one size too small? Do you have to cast off the Norma Kamali winter coat from 1976 just because you live in Los Angeles? We recognize the personal and emotional aspects of what we choose to buy and keep. It can give legitimacy to an object's value solely because it brings joy to the owner. Consequently, this removes some of the guilt in the organizing process and makes for a more successful outcome.

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