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Top kitchen trends for 2017

As I skim through online kitchen photos from Houzz, Pinterest, Elle Decor, Traditional Home and other compilers of dream kitchens, here are some of the top trends:

• white is slowly inching back into the dominant cabinet color

• that doesn't mean gray has gone (and wood finishes still hold a strong place)

• while Design In Real Life has been designing finish mash-ups for years, a mix of cabinet finishes (i.e. island in one color and the rest of the cabinets in another) remains is a big hit

• minimalism is gaining ... simplicity means a great deal to today's busy households

• traditional style will always have fans because of its beautiful lines and the romance associated with various styles and historical periods

• there are more explorations into color

• the role of lighting -- from the green standpoint of LED to light quality (# of lumens) to the big impact of decorative styles -- is huge

• homeowners are making discerning decisions about personal preferences and desired functions in appliances. Less cookie cutter selections!

• steam ovens (while being pushed by manufacturers for several years) on top of many appliance lists

• professional faucets are strong

• farmhouse sinks whether porcelain or metal are popular

• Ikea and semi-custom doors (from other manufacturers such as Semi-Handmade) are a very attractive and viable option

• there's a lot of creativity going on. And that makes me happy!

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